Family Workout: Making Your Own Fitness Equipment at Home

“Exercise should be regarded as a tribute to the heart.”

Indulging in physical activities not only bring benefits to the body. It also boosts a child’s mental and behavioural health. It increases a child’s enthusiasm, optimism and self-esteem. It also helps in positive school performance, attention and behaviour.

Indulging in physical activities also reduces anxiety, tension and early depression.

Here are 5 home-made fitness equipment you can build at home with your children and use them to indulge in physical activity time with the family. Let’s go!

1) Hand weights:

Fill plastic bottles or milk jugs with coloured beads, dried beans, or even water to add weight. Vary levels and contents for desired heaviness, then work those triceps and biceps.

2) Knock the targets down:

Cereal boxes or plastic bottles of any size. You can leave these empty, or filled them with newspaper, beans or whatever you have handy. Use a small plastic or rubber ball to try knocking these targets down.

3) Parachute:

Look for old bedsheet. Invite each family member to hold on to each end of the bedsheet. Get arms moving and heart rates up by using your sheet to bounce small balls, socks, or balloons on top. Or just wave the parachute up and down, hide under it, toss it in the air, and so on.

4) Scoops or catchers:

Empty laundry detergent jugs, with the bottom cut out. Sand any sharp edges or cover with tape. Keep the handle, then use the scoop to toss and catch small balls up in the air or back and forth with a friend or sibling.

5) Ping-pong paddles:

Use mall, sturdy plastic plates and attach handles made from craft sticks or cardboard tubes. If you don’t have any Ping-pong balls, use a balloon or a crumpled ball of paper.

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