Whee!Canopus Curriculum

Whee!Canopus Curriculum

Whee!Canopus facilitates the development of students through an array of values-based programmes that incorporates the school’s values. Thus, moulding students into becoming well-rounded individuals.


Character Development Programmes
i) Whee!Create: Students unleash their creativity through a theme-based craftwork, held once a month.
ii) Whee!Express: Students are free to voice out their thoughts and opinions on a given topic at these weekly sessions, where the teacher facilitates the discussion.
iii)Whee!Build: Held once a month, students construct simple machines based on a given set of instructions and materials. They need to exercise patience and perseverance as they experiment and test out their creations to ensure the desired outcome is achieved.
iv)Whee!Experience: Students will learn to equip themselves with the essential know-hows that will contribute towards their growing independence. The skills that will be acquired range from learning how to properly wash a cup to figuring out their journey using an SMRT network map, and even drawing up a grocery list within a given budget.
v)Whee!Value: Students will be engaged in activities conducted throughout the year with an emphasis on project work and outdoor learning experiences. The aim is to develop in them the passion and responsibility to be good citizens who appreciate and care for the community and its environment.

i)  Whee!Play: Structured outdoor sessions which focus on developing specific motor skills, foster team spirit, fair play and confidence.
ii)  Whee!Active: Students are given the freedom to use their ingenuity and are empowered to take charge of their playing during free play outdoor sessions.
iii)  Whee!Sports: Students are exposed to different sports such as ultimate frisbee, soccer, basketball and touch rugby and are being taught resilience and sportsmanship during the session. This will lead to a year-end Inter Student Care Unit Sports Challenge Shield.


i)  Whee!StageCraft: Every term, students are exposed to a literary text (e.g. novels, fables and rhymes) and weekly lessons are built around it. Employing the use of drama, hands-on activities and games, students gain a deeper appreciation for literary works and develop better self-awareness.
ii) Whee!Act: Students engage in lively games and activities that centre around the English language. Drama games encourage creativity and allow students to stretch their imagination and to improve on their language skills in a fun atmosphere.
iii) Whee!Enrich: Ad hoc enrichment programmes are introduced for all levels. Students will enjoy learning experiences beyond the classrooms.





Daily Routine
i) Whee!Learn
After a hard day’s work, we understand the need for you and your child to engage in quality family time at home. We guide our students to approach homework* in a structured manner.

*Homework completion is dependent on amount of homework, students’ ability and the time spent at the centre due to CCA or Supplementary Lessons