ValuesEdHeart Programmes

What is ValuesEdHeart?

  • ValuesEdHeart is the brand name for our comprehensive programmes that we offer in our Student Care Centres (SCC).ValuesEdHeart-logo
  • Heart-shaped tree reflects the heartbeat of our caring and nurturing environment.
  • Green, a harmonious colour amplifies balance in academic and character excellence.
  • 9 branches, represent our 9 Character Development (CaD) values.
  • Rooted by ValuesEdHeart, our quality learning course cultivates our young individuals into a colourful blend of Learners, Creativity, Social and Sports EdHeart.


 valuesEdHeart diagram


CaD Programmes Putting PR2ACTICE into practice.

The journey of self-development guided by good values  is best cultivated from a young age. 

Recognising this, we actively incorporate our CaD Values in our programmes so that our students will have ample opportunities to put them into practice. We engage our students by tapping into their different interests through our CaD programmes, namely, Circle Time, Hobby Craft, Structured Outdoor and Sports Education.

With different monthly themes that appeal to our students, our CaD programmes are constantly fresh and fun!

Enrichment & Learning Journeys Broadening minds through experiential learning.

Let the wild rumpus start!

Taken from the well-loved children’s book, ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ which is one of our SCC students’ favourite titles, we aim to promote and cultivate a reading culture with a good dose of energy and oomph!

Learning journeys during the school holidays extend the boundaries of acquiring knowledge to beyond the centre’s doors.

With real-life experiences, learning becomes more meaningful and fascinating, allowing students to develop a healthy curiosity about the world around them.    

The Learning Space Succeeding through diligence and dedication.

After a hard day’s work, we understand the need for you and your child to enggage in quality family time at home. We guide our students to approach homework* in a structured manner.

To make the most out of every minute in the SCC, students challenge themselves to a series of Fun Fillers after completing their homework. These activities revolve around completing tasks that test their motor, creativity and planning skills.

Our teachers will ensure The Learning Space is set up as a positive learning environment that motivates and engages the students.

*Homework completion is dependent on amount of homework, students’ ability and the time spent at the centre due to CCA or Supplementary Lessons.






School Holiday Programme – Learning never stops, even as the enjoyment begins.

School Holidays is a time where students look forward to let their hair down and take a much needed break. A variety of fun-filled activities that are organised based on a selected theme, await them!

Via Project Work, our students are given opportunities to learn and put into practice valuable skills like researching, brainstorming and knowledge application through collaborative and independent learning.