Our Brands

1. Student Care Centres

We have more than 10 years of experience in running premier school-based SCCs and are well-equipped to provide a robust education and character development experience for your child. In early 2023, Whee!Canopus has launched our first community-based Student Care Centre.

Our highly trained teachers and engaging curriculum will provide a supportive and enriching environment for your child to thrive in. We believe that every child has the potential to be a star and we are dedicated to helping them shine bright!

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1.1 Community-based Student Care

At Whee!Canopus, our mission is to foster personal growth and well-being for young children in a trust and secure environment. In early 2023, we opened our first community-based Student Care center at Serangoon North. We offer several programs and activities to cultivate strong values in children while helping them reach their full potential. Our top priority is giving parents peace of mind by providing a safe yet stimulating learning experience for the students. We strive to be the no. 1 community-based student care of choice, offering a unique, fun approach to learning in an all-rounded manner.

1.2 School-based Student Care

Why choose us?

  1. Unique Holistic Character Development Curriculum. Our unique Character Development programme incorporates the school’s values, and students are presented with opportunities to explore, understand and embody them through a myriad of activities. Our teachers also regularly demonstrate how these values can be practised during their daily interactions with the students.Our Enrichment programme consists of specially curated lessons as well as partnerships with specialists who are able to equip our students with new skills. This programme aims to spark a sense of curiosity in our students and build on their self-confidence.
  2. Well-Trained Staff. To ensure that we are able to perform our best, Whee!Canopus SCC staff – teachers, supervisors and non-teaching staff – undergo a tailored and structured training programme specific to their roles. We provide mentorship and support to our staff during their On the Job Training (OJT), and continue to do so well after their training is over. Teachers emerge from this training feeling confident and well-equipped to execute their roles and responsibilities.In addition, training sessions are conducted for all our staff throughout the year to sharpen their skills and enhance their job performance.
  3. 21 Years of SCC Experience. With more than two decades of experience in the school based student care industry, MERCU Learning Point is in good stead to meet the challenges of a constantly evolving industry. Tapping on this advantage, Whee!Canopus, as the student care operator in MERCU’s network of education centres, is well-prepared to meet the needs of your school.
  4. High Parent Satisfaction Ratings.We have established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), policies and initiatives to ensure the smooth operation of our centres. The figures reflected in our latest Customer Satisfaction Survey are testament to the quality of service that we are able to provide. More than 90% of parents are satisfied with the overall service.

Our School-based Student Care Centres

  • Whee!Canopus @ Edgefield
  • Whee!Canopus @ Huamin
  • Whee!Canopus @ Lakeside
  • Whee!Canopus @ Fengshan

2. Kindergarten Care Centres

Since 2019, Whee!Canopus K-Care partnered with MOE Kindergarten to provide care services for K1 and K2 children enrolled in MOE Kindergarten located within Primary School. Whee!Canopus K-Care is committed to providing quality care and creating supportive environments to ensure all children reach their full potential. We provide a safe and friendly environment for exploring and discovering through our specially-designed resources created to meet the developmental needs of young children. Time and space for play are encouraged at MERCU K-Care so that kids can grow in a fun, secure atmosphere.

Why choose us?

  1. Holistic Development Curriculum. Our curriculum drives from the belief that young children learn best through playing and experimenting. Children play, explore and discover through a KCare Centre programme which is based on guidelines set by MOE PEB and which leverages on the environment and resources of the KCare Centre.Through the various indoor and outdoor modular activities together with an array of school holiday programmes, children develop skills and values such as responsibility, care and respect.
  2. Dedicated and Trained Staffs. At Whee!Canopus K-Care, our skilled and caring team provides positive daily interactions for children and parents and creates an environment where children can reach their full potential. Our staffs receive comprehensive training in early childhood development, classroom management, and effective teaching techniques, equipping them with the skills necessary to foster a supportive and fun learning environment.
  3. 25 years of Early Childhood Operational Experience. We had 25 years of experience under our belt in running Childcare Centres, Kindergartens and K-Care Centres. We have put in place and reviewed every quarterly for proper systems and processes to ensure smooth daily operations of the centre complying with consistently high standards of safety and hygiene.

Our current K-Care Centres

  • K-Care @ Fengshan
  • K-Care @ Huamin

Contact respective MOE Kindergarten directly for registration enquiries

Stellar Champs is a quality educational enrichment provider that focuses on holistic education using the S.T.E.A.M teaching approach. We offer our enrichment programmes to pre-school up till primary school children. To date, we have conducted an array of thematic Enrichment Programmes as well as Holiday Programmes both physically and virtually. Our goal is to be the preferred vendor by continuing to provide the best and exciting programmes for all our students and the learning community to benefit and learn from.

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Why choose us? Here are four reasons:

  1. Experience and accreditation.
    We have a combined total of 25 years of experience in Early Childhood, and 15 years of experience with Primary School children. We are also accredited by FUN Start MOVE Smart to deliver Fundamental Movement Skills training.
  2. Well-trained staff.
    To ensure quality training, our teachers are required to complete our training program to equip them with the right skills and attitude to deliver lessons to the students under their care. All our trainers have to go through Child First Aid course, Classroom Management, Structured OJT and Specialized Trainings specific to Programme.
  3. Approach and deliverables.
    We believe in offering a comprehensive curriculum that emphasizes S.T.E.A.M principles and is structured for maximal productivity. We emphasize process-oriented teaching and creating tangible results throughout the learning process, all while fostering a strong community of learners. To create an environment of experimentation, we provide physical lessons with activity books and journals, as well as digital initiatives and various technology devices when appropriate. Finally, every month we communicate with parents on their child’s performance through a personalized letter regarding their progress.
  4. Curated Programmes & customizable specifically for centres/school
    Our comprehensive and flexible programmes support thematic, cross-curricular, and interest-based learning. With our expertise in stimulating exploration, creativity, and critical thinking, Stellar Champs can design and tailor programme that suits your school’s specific needs. Whether your students need assistance with hands-on activities or series of workshops focused on a particular theme, we provide several options to keep them engaged and create meaningful experiences for each student.

Our Programmes

For more information about our Programme, visit Stellar Champs website or email us at stellarchamps@merculearning.com.