Kidz Meadow Curriculum

Kidz Meadow believes in learning through creative play and discovery. Learning goes beyond classrooms with ample opportunities to explore, experiment and discover

Succeeding in the academics through blasts of fun and play, yet children do not realise they are learning!

  • Numeracy Bits  

Mathematical concepts are taught by engaging children with songs, rhymes, manipulatives, games and crafts.

  • Literacy Skills

Sail through reading with Letterland Phonics and Key Links Shared & Guided Reading Programmes.

Express ideas through Creative Writing, Show & Tell, Picture Talks, Read Aloud and Language Learning approach.



Venture out with initiatives, reflectiveness and bouts of curiosity!

  • Bi-Annual Project Work
    Ignite the
    children’s curiosity through in-depth investigations of a topic.
  • Fun Cookery
    Discover concepts such as colour and measurement while creating a dish.
  • Creative Art
    Nurture children’s aesthetic appreciation through various forms of art.
  • Exploration & Investigation
    Make new discoveries through a variety of process skills
  • Learning Journey / Field Trips
    Experience authentic and meaningful learning environments.


Doing what they love to do most – PLAY!

  • Music & Movement: Sing, Shake & Roll Programme

Learn auditory discrimination of sounds, melody and rhythm in music. Builds confidence, self-esteem and promotes creative expressions.

  • Stories Dramatisation & Creative Play

Bring characters to life in the world of boundless creativity and imagination through stories and rhymes.

  • Gross Motor Development

We adopt Fun Start Move Smart Programme initiated by Singapore Sports Council for outdoor gross activities and games.

  • Fine Motor Development

Play activities that develop the coordination of small muscles such as sculpting, spooning and building towers.


Unearth the wonders of Mother Nature and ignite inquisitiveness.

  • Nature Magnified
    Close encounter with nature to provide children with sensory experiences and appreciation towards nature.
  • Saving Gaia
    Annual Earth Day and PUB Water Week


Nurture the little helping hands to have big hearts.

  • Character Building 
    Nurture good values through story time and community projects.
  • Mother Tongue Language (Malay/Mandarin)
    Inculcate the love for the language and customs through cultural stories, songs, rhymes and creative arts.
  • Cultural Awareness
    Appreciate culture and respect the different races, customs and traditions through traditional music, dance, games, food and festive celebrations.
  • National Events and Concerts