1. Who is eligible to apply for the Student Care Centre (SCC) programme?

Student Care Centre only accepts students from the same primary school.

2. Are there any subsidy schemes available?

Student Care Financial Assistance (SCFA) subsidy from Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) is available to those who meet the criteria.

Applicants applying for SCFA must fulfil the following eligibility criteria:

  • The child is a Singapore Citizen. If the child is a permanent resident of Singapore (PR), at least one immediate family member (parent or sibling) is a Singapore Citizen.
  • The child is between 7 to 14 years old and attends a student care centre which administers SCFA.
  • The family’s gross monthly household income is $4,000 or lower.
  • Both the child’s parents must be working.
  • The child must attend at least 50% of the days in which the student care centre operates in the month in order to be eligible for SCFA subsidy for the month. Failing which, full month fee is payable as MSF will disqualify the child from receiving subsidy for that month.

Parents applying for SCFA subsidy are required to fill up another set of forms (SCFA subsidy form), accompanied with the supporting documents. Approval may take 1 to 2 months from the date of submission of the completed forms.

3. Are there any extra charges during the school holidays?

Yes, there will be additional charges during the termly school holidays in March, June, September and December when the SCC operates Full Day Care (FDC). The SCC does not charge for other ad hoc school closure dates such as Prize Giving, Parent-Teacher Meeting, Youth Day or Admin Day.

4. Are there any other additional charges besides the monthly fee upon registration?

Yes. Parents are required to pay a once off registration fee and deposit, material fees (per semester) and optional fees for the SCC T-shirts and sleeping bags.

5. Can we use Edusave / Baby Bonus account to pay for the monthly fees?

No, Edusave and Baby Bonus cannot be used for SCC.

6. Will there be any tuition provided at the centre?

Tuition is not provided at the centre. Only assisted homework supervision is provided. This will be supplemented by the workbook practices, spelling and dictation revision. Parents will be notified if homework is not completed at the centre.

7. Will there be any transport provided for children upon dismissal at 6.30pm?

No transport is provided. Parents have to make their own arrangements to fetch their child before SCC closes.

8.Can they wear their home attire at the SCC?

No. Students need to observe the decorum at all times while they are in school.  Only school uniform / attire and Whee!Canopus SCC T-shirts with school shorts are allowed. This also applies during full day care or holiday periods.

9. Are meals and shower facilities provided by the centre?

Yes, all meals are provided by the centre, even during Full Day Care. Students will be given time to shower when they report to the SCC after school to freshen up.

10. How can I obtain more information?

You can email us at info@merculearning.com or call us at 6346 8301 should you have further enquiries.